Gassan Lake City really are useless!

Actually quite liked the course and supported them after the flooding and other problems they had because the price was right.

We were paying between 450-500 including caddy fee for some months then the price rapidly rose in just a few weeks to around 800baht + caddy fee.The course is not good enough for that price particularly with another dozen golf course options around Chiang Mai that are better.

Anyway,met a fellow player who told me he was now regularly paying 650baht inclusive of caddy fee.I called their green fee department and was told 800 + caddy fee for Chiang Mai resident! Left hand and right hand!

I then subsequently emailed info @ three times with only an auto response which said if no reply from this email address resend to gassanbooking @ which I duly did with,yes, you have guessed it!

In true Gassan style zero response.


One thought on “Gassan Lake City really are useless!”

  1. Update.

    Sent them another email to get a response that indicates their mailbox at info is full!

    What a way to run a business!

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