Gassan not Farang friendly any more!

Gassan Lake City- They have upped the prices to 400 baht now for 18 holes, 700 baht if to want a cart- no change you might say well there is no change for Thai’s- As a Farang Thailand Resident you have the privilege of paying 800 baht with car or 500 baht walking!

I have trouble understanding this, the prices are the same at the weekend as it is during the week, I think the new management need to rethink their strategy?

Dual pricing on the golf courses now, hope this is not a trend that the others will be following.If,when, you go to Lake City please make your feelings known-I did!

With Gold Canyon currently only 600baht inclusive every day, and Inthanon 750baht inclusive on Monday and Tuesdays, Lanna 500 baht Monday & Friday Lake City is losing it’s attraction.

Gassan your strategy is out and out prejudice and needs to be changed-very bad!

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