Gymkhana- It’s OK to have 6 players in a group!

If you would think there would be anywhere in Chiangmai or even Thailand you would think that Gymkhana would use their brains and realise that that five or six players in a group is nuts and especially on a short 9 hole course. Nothing worse than slow play and this stupidity encourages it.

This is from the horses mouth:

“4. The Committee hereby informs the all the members that the rule of 6 Members per Group playing style is still effective as announced by the Club. Should there be any alteration, the Committee will notify the members as soon as possible.”

As it specifies “members”,mainly those who pull their own carts I guess (no tip for the caddies) and make it even slower.One of the main reasons myself and many others no longer play there.

I don’t think there are any other countries in the world where you can play 6 persons in a group even on full length 18 holes golf courses,correct me if I am wrong.

It would appear that the guy who was trying to bring the club in to the present day and do away with their archaic ideas has been forced out?

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