Helping to clear the air-not!

Unconcerned citizen doing his bit for the environment behind the 8th hole at Hang Dong golf course 17th March. (-:

And for an encore, today the 19th March behind the 9th hole.Not too clear unfortunately with camphone but it was a good blaze with plenty of smoke!

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  1. admin says:

    For those of you who are not aware this is a very common occurrence despite there being a supposed 5000baht reward for anybody giving information on fire starters.Most definitely not enforced and this year in particular it has been so bad that in many provinces were declared as health hazards.

    So,if planning your golf trip to northern Thailand the burning starts in December through to April with February and March usually the very worst time to be here. If it was not so serious it is quite amusing seeing many players and caddies wearing face masks to try to mitigate the pollution.

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