Koolpunt Golf double their prices!

If you check their website and go under the misapprehension that you will be paying THB 600 inclusive of caddy fee to walk the 2 x 9 hole course you will be in for a nasty surprise.

In their wisdom the management have doubled the price to THB 1200 inclusive of caddy fee for walking 18 holes.

That most certainly counts me and most of those I know out of going as the course is nothing special and no comparison to the other 9 hole courses all of which are very much cheaper,as are a couple of the main 18 hole courses,Gold Canyon in particular.

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2 Responses to “Koolpunt Golf double their prices!”

  1. Ken says:

    Just back from playing the Koolpunt 9 Mezzanine course – I agree with your assessment!

  2. CH says:

    Current fees.

    Green Fee 320 Baht/Caddy Fee 130 Baht
    Golf Cart 200 Baht Total 650 Baht ( 9 hole )
    – Green Fee 500 Baht/Caddy Fee 250 Baht
    Golf Cart 300 Baht Total 1,050 Baht ( 18 hole )

    Still expensive.

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