The money is crazy!

Last week Tyrell Hatton wins the Turkish open. He won €1,809,627.27!

1 Tyrrell Hatton -20 68 68 65 67 268 €1,809,627.27
T2 Benjamin Hebert -20 67 70 64 67 268 €389,603.69
T2 Kurt Kitayama -20 69 68 67 64 268 €389,603.69
T2 Victor Perez -20 68 69 66 65 268 €389,603.69
T2 Matthias Schwab -20 65 67 66 70 268 €389,603.69
T2 Erik Van Rooyen -20 70 67 66 65 268 €389,603.69
T7 Robert Macintyre -18 71 63 67 69 270 €146,217.88
T7 Shubhankar Sharma -18 71 64 71 64 270 €146,217.88
9 Romain Langasque -17 70 66 70 65 271 €112,739.77

This weekend past Tommy Fleetwood wins the Nedbank Golf Challenge in Sun City South Africa, he wins: €2,268,190.89

P1 Tommy Fleetwood -12 69 69 73 65 276 €2,268,190.89
P2 Marcus Kinhult -12 69 69 70 68 276 €766,648.52
T3 Thomas Detry -8 66 71 69 74 280 €343,555.31
T3 Jason Scrivener -8 69 70 71 70 280 €343,555.31
T3 Bernd Wiesberger -8 71 69 70 70 280 €343,555.31
T6 Louis Oosthuizen -7 63 72 71 75 281 €178,052.98
T6 Lee Westwood -7 68 73 69 71 281 €178,052.98
T8 Zander Lombard -6 68 65 72 77 282 €126,905.28
T8 Robert Macintyre -6 73 76 65 68 282 €126,905.28

Next week in Dubai more millions to be won. Add to this sponsorship money on top of that and it’s no wonder the likes of Tommy Fleetwood on his win saying it’s not about the money!

Hangdong Headstones?

Looked like the course had placed markers for the final resting place for frustrated golfers!

Seemed to be only room for one at each hole so chances are they were there for some other reason.

Yep, turned out they are hole layouts etc which will be quite useful especially for newbies to the course.

However they have put them in the most peculiar places. Logic would have that the would be placed to the right of the tee box neared to the back  (White) tee off.

But no, that is not the case. Many of them are actually forward of the tee boxes and some have already been hit by players driving off, also a huge potential hazard from balls richocheting from them back towards the players and caddies.

Good idea to have the hole layout on show, bad idea to put them where they have!

Course Prices

Course Prices

Just been sent these, translated by Google let us know if correct or not .

1. Gassan Legacy 1300 Total Car
2. Gassan Panorama 1300 Total Car
Tel. 081-7167711 the two fields.
3. Gassan Khun Tan 2000 Total Car
Tel. 053-507006
4. Royal Palace (Royal Golf Club) Morning 1650 after 12.00 1250 inclusive of car.
Tel. 052-081995
5. Maejo 2850 driving force
Tel. 053-354431
6.3200 morning alpine 12.30 pm 2700 force car
Tel. 053-880888
7. Highlands Morning 3080, at 20:00 hours, forcing the car.
Tel. 053-261354
8. Green Valley
8.1 Dayton Golf Walk 1500 Car 2100
8.2 Night Golf Walking 900 Car 1300 (starting at 4 pm)
Tel. 053-298222
9. StarDome (9 holes) 1000 Total Car
Tel. 053-270599
10. Inthanon single seat 1200 seat double 1000
Call 081-2876622 (Khun Kung)
11. Lanna Walk 850 car 1450
Tel. 053-221911
12. Haripunchai (9 holes) Very good !!! Walk 700 1000
Tel. 053-096222
13. North Hills Day Golf 1600 Night Golf 1100 (start 16.00)
Tel. 053-908999
14. Hang Dong (9 holes) Walk 360 cars 860
Tel. 053-426201
15. Mae Moh 700, ride the bus, ride 1300, ride a 1000
Tel. 054-254-970.


1. กัซซันเลคกาซี่ 1300 รวมรถ
2. กัซซัน พาโนราม่า 1300 รวมรถ
โทร. 081-7167711 ทั้ง 2 สนาม
3. กัซซัน ขุนตาล 2000 รวมรถ
โทร. 053-507006
4. ร่มหลวง (รอยัลกอล์ฟคลับ) เช้า 1650 หลัง 12.00 1250 รวมรถ
โทร. 052-081995
5. แม่โจ้ 2850 บังคับรถ
โทร. 053-354431
6. อัลไพล์ เช้า 3200 หลัง 12.30 น. 2700 บังคับรถ
โทร. 053-880888
7. ไฮแลนด์ เช้า 3080 บ่ายโมง 2590 บังคับรถ
โทร. 053-261354
8. กรีนวัลเล่
8.1 เดย์กอล์ฟ เดิน 1500 รถ 2100
8.2 ไนท์กอล์ฟ เดิน 900 รถ 1300 (เริ่ม 16.00 น.)
โทร. 053-298222
9. สตาโดม (9 หลุม) 1000 รวมรถ
โทร. 053-270599
10. อินทนนท์ นั่งเดี่ยว 1200 นั่งคู่ 1000
โทร. 081-2876622 (คุณกุ้ง ผจก)
11. ลานนา เดิน 850 รถ 1450
โทร. 053-221911
12. หริภุญชัย (9 หลุม) ดีมาก!!! เดิน 700 รถ 1000
โทร. 053-096222
13. นอร์ทฮิลล์ เดย์กอล์ฟ 1600 รถ ไนท์กอล์ฟ 1100 (เริ่ม 16.00 น.)
โทร. 053-908999
14. หางดง (9 หลุม) เดิน 360 รถ 860
โทร. 053-426201
15. แม่เมาะ 700 เดิน รถนั่งเดี๋ยว 1300 นั่งคู่ 1000
โทร. 054-254-970.

GOLFTV Discovery Channel & PGA Join forces

Golf-Discovery, PGA Tour to launch video streaming platform

  • The new service, GOLFTV, will launch on Jan. 1 outside the United States and will carry more than 2,000 hours of live action each year
  • Discovery and the PGA Tour said in June they were teaming up in a 12-year partnership to manage the PGA Tour’s international multi-platform rights, including for TV.

Discovery’s $2 billion swing at the international golf market is taking shape, with its upcoming streaming service to be branded “GOLFTV.” The OTT service will tee off around the world at the beginning of 2019 and have live PGA Tour coverage in a raft of territories at launch. More territories will get the live coverage in the next four years as existing rights deals play out.

Discovery upped former NBA and DirecTV exec Alex Kaplan from an EVP role at Eurosport (which Discovery owns) to run GOLFTV as president and general manager of Discovery Golf. He said the new service would be a digital experience that did not previously exist for fans of the sport.

“This is a really big bet for us,” Kaplan told Variety. “We are convinced that by focusing maniacally on specific super-fan verticals we can create a meaningful global, digital business. Golf is a huge piece of that [strategy] for us. Our hope here is we can aggregate the golf audience globally and really achieve some scale.

“The vision is to create global ecosystem for golf, a one-stop shop for golf fans,” he added. “We think there’s a huge business opportunity for us ,and it ties nicely with the future of how consumers are going to interact with media across multiple platforms.”

Discovery and the PGA signed a $2 billion pact earlier this year that will run for 12 years. It encompasses 2,000 hours of live action from the PGA Tour, including live coverage from the main PGA Tour events, and almost 150 tournaments in all, including the Players Championship, the FedExCup Playoffs and the Presidents Cup.

The ambitious plans for golf follows Discovery’s big move into the Olympics in 2015, when it snagged European rights to the Games between 2018 and 2024 for about $1.4 billion. It then sub-licensed those rights to partners throughout Europe. The new Discovery-PGA partnership will manage the linear and multi-platform PGA Tour rights outside the U.S. in a similar manner.

GOLFTV will replace the PGA Tour Live streaming service in international markets. The coverage of live events will hit Australia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia and Spain in 2019. Poland and South Korea will follow in 2020, and Belgium, China, Germany and South Africa in 2021. In 2022, GOLFTV will launch in Britain, Denmark, Finland, India, Norway and Sweden. France will launch in 2024.

Pricing has not been revealed, but Kaplan confirmed that there will likely be different tiers available and some free content, including snippets of PGA Tour events. He also said discussions were underway with other rights holders to add more live events to the lineup. “We want to engage a younger audience around golf…and one of the ways to do that is to bring them in in front of the paywall and, over time, convert them to higher-paying subs,” he said.


Where can I watch PGA TOUR LIVE coverage next year?

Beginning January 1st 2019, the live coverage and content you have enjoyed on PGA TOUR LIVE will become part of GOLFTV, a new dedicated destination and video streaming service for golf fans around the world (outside the United States). GOLFTV is being created by Discovery, a leader in real-life entertainment and international sport, and in partnership with the PGA TOUR.

You can read more about the partnership and new international golf service by clicking here.

What is the partnership with Discovery?

The PGA TOUR has partnered with Discovery to build a new international destination for golf fans. This will include a dedicated video streaming service, ensuring you can watch many of golf’s most exciting moments, players and championships anytime, anywhere on every screen and device.  All of the same great PGA TOUR LIVE coverage will be available on the new GOLFTV service.

The PGA TOUR’s 12-year partnership with Discovery will seek to create a true ‘home of golf’ for international fans in the coming years, with new content and features to build GOLFTV into the ultimate golf experience.

Which platforms will the service be available on?

GOLFTV will be available via a new App (iOS, Android) and online to start. Smart TV (Apple TV and Chromecast) and additional devices will be added as soon as possible.

What will the price be?

An announcement regarding content and subscription details will be made in the coming weeks.

As a current PGA TOUR LIVE subscriber, what do I need to do to access GOLFTV?

We’re working on it, and we’ll be in touch soon!

Don”t Want A Caddy?

For some reason some people do not want to take a caddy when they play here not something I would opt for personally but we all have our own choice.

Not many options here in Chiang Mai , in fact only two 9 hole courses where you can do it one of which you have to be a member.


Gymkhana Golf Course & Sports Club
Gymkhana Golf Course & Sports Club

Gymkhana Golf Course & Sports Club

This golf course is an history lesson in itself – founded in 1898, Gymkhana Golf Course is the oldest golf course and sports club in Thailand.

The location is simply amazing – in the centre of the city of Chiang Mai, at 349 Chiang Mai – Lamphun Road.

The Club House has an excellent restaurant, billiard room, library, pro shop, and a fitness centre.

Not only golf fans will be entertained here, the Gymkhana Sports Club also features tennis courts, 2 squash courts and a cricket ground.

This one you have to be a member to pull your own trolley and find your own balls!


Sand Creek Golf Course

Sand Creek Golf Course

Beginners will love this golf course, as it’s perfect for them. The golf course had better days, as the Club House and swimming pool are sadly closed (and have been so for a long time), but the course is in a decent shape, and the green fee is more than reasonable.

The course is now run by the caddies and their husbands, which makes it friendlier than most other courses. It’s fairly short, but it does have some water hazards that could keep you occupied.

You can arrive here by taking the Sankampaeng road towards Sankampaeng village. Just when you see the city lights, turn left, and a little further on the winding road you’ll see the golf course on the right side.

Course general information

Designer Unknown
Established 1992
Address 85 Moo 6 T. Huaysai A. Sankhampaeng Chiang Mai


This course is run by the caddies and ground staff and is one of the cheapest around at only 230 baht for 18 holes, including caddy fee.

They will let you take your own trolley, or carry your own clubs. Personally I think they should charge the same fees whether or not you want a caddy but they don’t.

Artitaya (Gold Canyon) A great deal-as usual

Artitaya (Gold Canyon)

Artitaya formerly Gold Canyon). During the golf festival you might want to add this very nice course to your itinerary as they are offering equally good deals although not part of the Chiangmai Golf Festival.

Every day it is just 1000 THB for green fee, caddy fee and golf cart except Tuesday and Thursday  when it is just 900 THB inclusive.

Opened in 2009 and located around 1 to 1.5 hours from ChiangMai, Artitaya is set in a rural area not far from Lamphun. Gold Canyon is surrounded by orchards, woodlands, and canyons. The rural setting provides a relaxing and scenic location and the ChiangMai golf course is enjoyable for all.

Trees are often a hazard and some are situated almost directly in front of many of the tee boxes.  Some of the original trees have been removed improving the access to some of the holes, golfers may still have to avoid the fairway hazards by hitting over them or simply risk trying to pass the ball through tree branches.

Artitaya plays to over 7,300 yards from the back tees and while the course is  fairly flat you need to be prepared to do a lot of  walking as the distance from green to tee is often long and undulating. The 1st hole is wide open with a huge fairway and relatively easy.  The course then gets tougher as you progress and the back nine is much more challenging than the front.  There are a few tight driving holes but most fairways widen out  around 200 yards off the tees.  Three of the par 4 holes would almost be considered par 5’s on some courses.

ChiangMai Golf Festival 2018

ChiangMai Golf Festival 2018

Not looking very exciting except for one in particular with most of the prices higher than last year when 1000 baht was the base price on most courses. 900 baht if you want to walk on some courses but the hottest time of the year,not very pleasant!


Best deal Inthanon at just 900 baht all in.

Runner up – Gassan Legacy at 1300 baht all in. 

(Not sure if they will keep the food voucher deal for particular days)


Alpine as usual way overpriced and no choice.

ChiangMai Golf Low Season Prices

ChiangMai Golf Low Season Prices

These prices are for reference only and are often changing due to holidays,special deals etc. Always sensible to check with the individual clubs and in high season book a tee time.

If you know of any specials let us know via comments.


Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB 3150

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB 6150

The ex home of The Chiang Mai Golf Classic

Gassan Legacy Golf Club
⛳ Stay & Play Package 2 Days 1 Night Only 2,150 Baht / Person
Includes a 1-night Superior Room + Breakfast + 18-hole Green + Caddy + Single Seat Golf Cart
⛳ Package 18 holes for 1,500 Baht
Green + Caddy + Golf Cart

📍Gassan Leg☎ Tel. 053 – 921815

📱 Mob. 083 – 5800146
📠 Fax. 053 – 921820
🌵 Line ID: gassangolf

Gassan Khuntan

Gassan Khuntan Golf and Resort
⛳ Stay & Play Package 2 days 1 night only 2,400 Baht / person
Includes a 1-night Superior Room + Breakfast + 18-hole Green + Caddy + Single Seat Golf Cart
⛳ 18 holes package
Before 12.00 am.
After 12.00 hrs. Price 1,800.-Baht
Green + Caddy + Golf Cart

📍Gassan Khuntan Golf and Resort Book a challenging round at the sales and marketing department.
☎ Tel. 053 – 507006

Mob. 081 – 9504871 and 081 – 9504872acy Golf Club Book a challenging round at the sales and marketing department.

Gold Canyon



Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart. THB

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB

After 1pm

Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB


Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB 1200

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB 3000

There are specials in the afternoon,call 053-267116

Lanna Golf Course

Special Promotion (non member)

Mon – Fri: Green Fee,Caddy Fee walking THB

Mon/Wed/Fri: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Cart THB

Mae Jo

Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB

There is a special for a group of players in the pm, call Mae Jo 053-354431 for more info

North Hill Chiangmai

Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB 1800 before 2pm

(After 2pm THB 1600)

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB 3140

Tel : 053 908 999

Royal Chiangmai

Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart. THB 1400

(After 12 THB 1000)

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB 3000


Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart. THB

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB


Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country Club

Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart. November THB

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB

Night Golf after 4pm (Not Monday)

Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB

Non Residents: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB

Night 9 Holes: Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB

Telephone: 053-298222