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Chiang Mai Golf Festival 2012

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

1. อัลไพน์กอล์ฟรีสอร์ท – เชียงใหม่ – Alpine Golf Resort – Chiangmai Tel : 0-5388-0888
2. อินทนนท์ กอล์ฟ แอนด์ เนเชอรัล รีสอร์ท – Chiang Mai Inthanon Golf and Natural Resort
Tel : 0-5326-7115-6
3. สนามกอล์ฟโกลด์แคนย่อนคันทรีคลับ – Gold Canyon Country Club Tel : 053-560-333
4. สนามกอล์ฟลานนา เชียงใหม่ – Chiang Mai Lanna Tel : 0-5321-1911
5. สนามกอล์ฟกัซซันขุนตาล – Gassan Khuntan Golf Club & Resort Tel : 0-5350-7006-9
6. สนามสตาร์โดมกอล์ฟคลับ – Star Dome Golf Club Tel : 0-5399-9666
7. สนามแม่โจ้กอล์ฟคลับ แอนด์ รีสอร์ท – Mae Jo Golf Club & Resort Tel : 0-5335-4431-2
8. สนามซัมมิทกรีนวัลเล่ย์เชียงใหม่ – Summit Green Valley Chiang Mai Tel : 0-5329-8220-3
9. สนามกัซซัน มารีน่า กอล์ฟคลับ – Gassan Marina Golf Club Tel : 0-5326-6700-1

Crazy times, the opportunity to pay more than high season prices at the likes of Stardome & Lanna.

And, Gassan Marina,anybody played there in the last few years?Excuse my cynicism but I guess that’s their way of trying to get people to play at Lake City at the 800+ price?

Great deals for the major courses.Sad to see Highland opted out,good but not that good.

I will be supporting and recommending those that really offer the deal.

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Chiang Mai Golf Festival 2012

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Chiang Mai Golf Festival 2012 -1st May 2012 – June 30th 2012

Waiting for final confirmation of all courses participating.

Inthanon are already doing 800 + caddy fee

Gold Canyon are 800 inclusive of caddy fee

Alpine will be participating

Green Valley will be participating

Santiburi Currently 800 + caddy fee.




Royal Chiang Mai will NOT be taking part in the golf festival.

Highland -will NOT be participating

Gassan Lake City – who cares!


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Finally- the answer to the burning!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Played at Gold Canyon this morning and the air was thick and breathing was a little laboured despite the rain a couple of days earlier.Fairways are in good nick but they are currently coring the greens and it was almost impossible to putt with any accuracy but guess it will be OK in a week or two and for 800baht inclusive best value around.

On the way back just south of Lamphun we saw this:

Not sure why it is in English as well as Thai,perhaps to show the foreign media the Thai’s are doing something?

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Low season prices – April.

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Alpine – with effect from 3rd April until the end of the month the green fee for Thai residents will be just 1000฿ + caddy fee of 250฿.

– Green fee 1000฿ caddy fee 300฿

Green fee + caddy fee _ car 1700฿

Gassan Lake City green fee 800฿ + 250฿ caddy fee. (Not too many people will go here unless we see around 500฿ again)

Mae Jo (One to avoid) Green fee 1600 caddy fee 250

Inthanon– 2200฿ gets a shared cart for 2 persons and includes caddy fee x 2

Single walking- 800฿ +250฿ caddy fee.

Single player 1500฿ for cart caddy fee and green fee.

Gold Canyon – Green inclusive caddy fee 800฿

Royal Chiangmai (lost the plot?) 2400฿ green fee/cart/caddy fee.

Walking 2050฿!

Lanna -Sports day (Monday & Friday) prices have actually gone up from 500฿ inc to 700฿. Seeing the prices for some of the top courses I did not bother to ask what the rest of the week rate is!


In our opinion best value : Gold Canyon :Congratulations:

With Inthanon a fair second.

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Birdie at Lanna!

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

I do get the occasional birdie but this one was on the fourth hole of the racecourse course.

It was with a 7 wood from about 210 yards after a drive that left me on the left of the fairway in light rough.

It was literally a birdie, as I struck the ball a bird flew up in front of me about 50 yards ahead,hit the bird full on and left it doing cartwheels down the course. Sadly it was so badly injured I had to put it out of it’s misery. I was somewhat squeamish but when I asked my playing partner (Another aged Brit) to do the dirty deed he ran away!

Anyway, one birdie I am not proud of!

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