Low Season Prices

Lower Season Prices – Thai Residents


 THB2600 Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart.

The ex home of The Chiang Mai Golf Classic

(Very poor value)

Gassan Legacy ( Formerly Lake City)

Green Fee,Caddy Fee, Golf Cart  THB1500 

Tue/Wed/Thurs THB1300 Inc Green Fee ,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart


Gassan Marina


Gold Canyon

GreenFee,Caddy Fee (Walking) THB800


Green Fee, Caddy Fee,Cart: THB1000

Green Valley 

Green Fee:THB1800  Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart:THB700


Green Fee:THB1900 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart: THB700


Daily THB1000 Green Fee Golf Cart Caddy Fee

(Subject to 2 people sharing one cart)

Mae Jo

Green Fee:THB1700 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart: THB700

North Hill Chiangmai (Mezzanine)

Green Fee: THB1700 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart: THB700

Royal Chiangmai

Green Fee:THB1920  Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart:THB700


Green Fee: THB800  Caddy Fee:THB300  Inc:THB1600

Chiangmai Golf Festival 2015

Chiangmai Golf Festival 2015

Chiang Mai Golf Festival 2015

May-June 2015 THB1000 exc Caddy Fee

(Except for those charging more!And those charging more than they normally charge)

Highland are charging THB1200 + Caddy Fee

Alpine are insisting everyone takes a cart at THB2000

Stardome will include a golf cart in the THB 1000 so quite good.

We recommend you support only those courses that are not trying to screw the players.

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Representative

Association Golf Resort North. Thailand Lanna Spa Association.

An invitation to participate in a round of golf with the top 9 golf courses in Chiang Mai with a green fee rate of only 1,000 baht and 1,200 baht for Chiang Mai Highlands Golf Resort and Spa. Relax with a leading spas in Chiang Mai over 20 hotels at the same price of 1,000 baht (for aromatherapy treatment) throughout the months of May. – Jun. 58.

And also there are competitions to be won.Simply select the course you want to play on dates shown below. At a rate of only1,500 baht (includes green fee, caddy fee, golf party and gift.

May 1, 2015 Star Dome Golf ClubImage result for 5 stars Tel. 0 5327 0599
May 9, 2015 Alpine Golf Resort – Chiang Insisting on golf cart, not recommended Tel. 0 5388 0888
May 16, 2015 Summit Green Valley Chiangmai Country ClubImage result for 5 stars Tel. 0 5329 8222-3
May 23, 2015 North Hill Chiang Mai GolfBetter options on the other courses. Tel. 0 5390 8999
May 30, 2015 Chiangmai Inthanon Golf and Natural ResortImage result for 5 stars Tel. 0 5326 7115
June 6, 2015 The Royal Chiangmai Golf ResortImage result for 5 stars Tel. 0 5384 9301-6
June 13, 2015 Chiangmai Highlands Golf and Spa ResortCharging THB1200 +Not Recommended Tel. 0 5326 1354-9
June 20, 2015 Gold Canyon Country ClubImage result for 5 stars Tel. 08 3152 5957
June 27, 2015 Mae Jo Golf Resort and SpaImage result for 5 stars Tel. 0 5335 4431-2

For more information on the golf course and spa participating. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Office Tel. 053-248 604-5 daily.

การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย (ททท.) สำนักงานเชียงใหม่ ร่วมกับสมาคมกอล์ฟรีสอร์ทภาคเหนือ และสมาคมไทยล้านนาสปา ขอเชิญร่วมกิจกรรมออกรอบกับสนามชั้นนำ 9 สนาม ในเชียงใหม่, ลำพูน ในกรีนฟีราคาเดียว 1,000 บาท และ 1,200 บาท สำหรับเชียงใหม่ไฮแลนด์กอล์ฟ แอนด์สปารีสอร์ท ผ่อนคลายกับสปาชั้นนำในเชียงใหม่ 21 แห่ง ในราคาเดียว 1,000 บาท (สำหรับนวดอโรมา) ตลอดเดือน พค.-มิย. 58 และนอกจากนั้นยังมีการแข่งขันชิงถ้วยรางวัล เพียงเลือกสมัครแข่งขันกับสนามกอล์ฟที่ร่วมโครงการ ในอัตราท่านละ 1,500 บาท (ราคานี้รวมค่ากรีนฟี, แคดดี้, งานเลี้ยง และของที่ระลึก) สอบถามข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่สนามกอล์ฟและสปาที่เข้าร่วมโครงการ การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย (ททท.) สำนักงานเชียงใหม่ โทร. 053-248 604-5 ทุกวัน

High Season

High season – Nothing puts golfers off their game.

Despite Thailand being under military rule and martial law that is badly affecting general tourism golfers have simply shrugged it off and have descended on Chiang Mai in their hundreds.

For at about one more month every course will be full of golfers mainly from Asian countries,predominately Japan & Korea.

At Hangdong golf course on  Monday there were 23 players waiting to tee off- this was at 6.30am! The previous week I was told that one group of 5 Koreans waited 1 hour to tee off and then were on the course for another 6 hours – crazy!

A neighbour who is a tour guide and a golfer has been dealing  with golfers from Korea and Malaysia over the last month. Today she was picking up 5 Singaporeans who are planning to play 7 games over 4 days at Highland, Green Valley, Alpine & Inthanon.

Alpine and some of the other courses are getting as many as 300 players a day!

It looks like just a few more weeks, mid March probably,before it’s back to normal and local golfers can get back to seeking out good deals from the bigger courses.