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    March 31, 2012

    There was actually a happy ending, indirectly!

    A couple of birds had built a nest on an external ceiling fan at our house.We had seen 3 chicks had been hatched and subsequently 2 flew off.

    The runt of the litter,the weakest or last born fell out of the nest just over a week ago.I put it back not knowing if it was injured or even if the parents would return after having the human smell on the chick.Anyway,they came back and continued feeding the chick for a couple more days.

    It fell out of the nest again,looked like an injured wing but I carefully put it back yet again expecting the worst.Parents returned,fed it again and the yesterday it actually flew off the nest!

    Later in the day the parents and 3 chicks sat on the overhead wiring for at least half an hour cheeping away as if to say we are OK and then all flew off.

    This is a true story,I like to think the weakling was perhaps the reincarnation of the the one I clubbed to death at Lanna-Nah couldn’t be- could it?


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