Chiang Mai Golf Festival 2012

Chiang Mai Golf Festival 2012 -1st May 2012 – June 30th 2012

Waiting for final confirmation of all courses participating.

Inthanon are already doing 800 + caddy fee

Gold Canyon are 800 inclusive of caddy fee

Alpine will be participating

Green Valley will be participating

Santiburi Currently 800 + caddy fee.




Royal Chiang Mai will NOT be taking part in the golf festival.

Highland -will NOT be participating

Gassan Lake City – who cares!


2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Golf Festival 2012”

  1. is the green fee of 800 bht only for khon thai with foreigners paying different green fees… concern as i may fly to chiangmai from malaysia and play a few rounds of golf there if there is no discrimination between thais and foreigners…

  2. Green fees of 800baht + caddy fee of around 250baht is applicable to anybody,race colour or creed, playing at the courses participating in the golf festival.

    I would recommend, Inthanon,Alpine,Gold Canyon,Green Valley, Mae Jo in that order, the others are not worth considering as they have actually upped their prices to take part!

    I believe Gold Canyon is actually 800baht including caddy,great value.

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