Don’t Do This on The golf Course

Don’t Do This on The golf Course

Never hold up groups behind you.

If your group is playing slowly let the groups behind  you play through.

NEVER EVER cut in front of a group without permission, that is the lowest form of golf ignorance.

Slow Play

Turn off your phone!

Nothing much worse than some stupid ringtone going off at the top of your backswing, particularly if it is yours!

Turn off your Phone!

Do not talk on the tee box!

How many times have you been about to drive your ball when some idiots of the groups behind you decide to start having a chat. 

Tell them firmly to shut the f — up!

They are usually the ones who will be the first to object if somebody does it to them.

Don't talk on the tee box

Injury can result from talking on the tee box.

Proudly sponsored by the elderly angry expat in the golf cart!

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