High Season

High season – Nothing puts golfers off their game.

Despite Thailand being under military rule and martial law that is badly affecting general tourism golfers have simply shrugged it off and have descended on Chiang Mai in their hundreds.

For at about one more month every course will be full of golfers mainly from Asian countries,predominately Japan & Korea.

At Hangdong golf course on  Monday there were 23 players waiting to tee off- this was at 6.30am! The previous week I was told that one group of 5 Koreans waited 1 hour to tee off and then were on the course for another 6 hours – crazy!

A neighbour who is a tour guide and a golfer has been dealing  with golfers from Korea and Malaysia over the last month. Today she was picking up 5 Singaporeans who are planning to play 7 games over 4 days at Highland, Green Valley, Alpine & Inthanon.

Alpine and some of the other courses are getting as many as 300 players a day!

It looks like just a few more weeks, mid March probably,before it’s back to normal and local golfers can get back to seeking out good deals from the bigger courses.

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