Inthanon lost the plot? Chiang Mai Gof Courses

Normally the innovators in providing some good deals for locals and in general they have taken a huge step backwards.

Prior to the ChiangMai Golf Festival they had sports days on Wednesdays and Fridays at THB700 ,play all day (Caddy fees additional per 18 holes).

The Chiang Mai Golf Festival have the top courses at THB1000 + caddy fees.

What did Inthanon do?  Some genius in management decided to drop the sports days and in effect raise the price by THB300 for Fridays and Mondays-duh!



Golfers I know went there on Wednesday, charged THB1000 green fee, THB300 caddy fee, THB600 cart. One of them had a guest who was charged THB500 for the privelige of sitting in the cart. They were also told they should pay tips of not less than THB300!

In addition I was advised that the quality of the greens was awful.

This group will obviously not be going back in a hurry and are telling all their fellow golfers who will be passing it on.

Not a good drive to Inthanon!
Not a good drive to Inthanon!


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