Gassan Legacy

Gassan Legacy

Not too long ago what was Gassan Lake City had become a laughing stock among the local golfers. Green fees as low as THB200, may find a caddy , not sure if the course was so waterlogged,it was at times unplayable.

No More, what was Gassan Lake City is now Gassan Legacy and it’s somewhat pheonix like, rising from the ashes. It has become a golf course to challenge the best in the north of Thailand. Major remodelling, pricing to fit most budgets, particularly for Thai residents. Still a work in progress but will only improve from what our group saw today, the consensus was – excellent! 


Gassan Legacy Layout
Gassan Legacy Layout
Legacy Scorecard
Legacy Scorecard

Lots of water so you need to be accurate, and some long drives required on some holes to stay dry,even off the white tees, a fun challenging course for any level of golfer.

Par 3 Hole 7
Par 3 Hole 7

Be accurate or be wet!

Hole 11
Hole 11








Formerly a dog leg right, now a tough leftie!



Par 3 Hole 15
Par 3 Hole 15

Short but a tiny target!

Current prices for Thai residents:

Green Fee, Caddy Fee & Cart THB1500
Green Fee, Caddy Fee & Cart THB2000
Green Fee, Caddy Fee & Cart THB1600 + THB200 Food Voucher

Sports Day- Green Fee, Caddy Fee & Cart THB1300


Current Deals

Hariphunchai Golf Club,Gassan Legacy,North Hills

Hariphunchai Golf Club

Mu Ban Sap Maree Road

+66 53 096 222


New  golf course in Lamphun, very good reviews.

THB600 Green Fee Caddy Fee

THB1000 Cart,Green Fee,Caddy Fee

Gold Canyon

THB800 inc Caddy Fee

Gassan Legacy

(Previously Gassan Lake)

THB1500 Cart, Caddy Fee, Green Fee


.Sports Day, Monday & Thursday

Green Fee, Caddy Fee, Cart THB 1000

North Hills

Sports Day Tuesday & Thursday THB800 inc Caddy Fee

If you know of any others or info is incorrect please let us know,thanks.

Lower Season Prices

Lower Season Prices – Thai Residents


Green Fee: THB2000 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart:THB700

The home of The Chiang Mai Golf Classic


Gassan Legacy ( Formerly Lake City)Green Fee,Caddy Fee, Golf Cart  THB1500 (Sat/Sun THB2000)


Gassan Marina

Green Fee,Caddy Fee, Golf Cart: THB1200

Green Fee,Caddy Fee (Walking): THB700


Gold Canyon

GreenFee,Caddy Fee (Walking) THB800


Green Fee, Caddy Fee,Cart: THB1500

Green Valley 

Green Fee:THB1800  Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart:THB700


Green Fee:THB1900 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart: THB700


Green Fee:/ Caddy Fee:  THB1800! Cart THB700

Mae Jo

Green Fee:THB1700 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart: THB700

North Hill Chiangmai (Mezzanine)

Green Fee: THB1700 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart: THB700

Royal Chiangmai

Green Fee:THB1920  Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart:THB700


Green Fee: THB800  Caddy Fee:THB300  Inc:THB1600


Gassan Legacy Golf Club

Gassan Legacy Golf Club (Formerly Lake City)

Chiang Mai’s newest and by far most expensive golf course!

Green Fee: THB2500 (Sat/Sun THB3000), Caddy Fee:THB300,

Golf Cart:THB600

Golf Carts are compulsory!So just under THB4000 for a round at the weekend, THB3,400 during the week!

Not recommended at this point,TOO expensive and no prices for Thai Residents,same policy as before when it was Lake City when there was even dual pricing for foreign Thai residents!


Course Designer

Gassan Lake City Golf & Resort is renamed as Gassan Legacy Golf Club which
is redesigned by Lee Schmidt, World Class Golf Course Architect and
Designer, Schmidt – Curley Design, Inc.


How much did you invest for new renovation?

The course has been under renovation since 01 August 2012 and there has been an investment for the new look Golf Club is in excess of THB150 million.


What is the concept of management at Gassan Legacy Golf Club ?

Try our best to provide product and service to meet customer expectation.



Gassan Legacy Golf Club is a 18 hole world class standard challenging golf
course with 6,744 yards. It takes only 15 minutes from Chiang Mai
International Airport or Chiang Mai city center. The golf course provides
accommodation with a wide range of facilities.


Gassan Legacy Golf Club is officially opening on Monday 1st, December 2014.

Soft opening will be started  from 15th – 30th November 2014.

Reservations will be accepted from 15th November 2014 onward.


Gassan Legacy Golf Club provides 66 superior rooms, 6 deluxe rooms and 3 suites.

Sales and Marketing Department Tel. 053 921815 , 083
5800146  Fax. 053 921816  Email:


This is a course we played on a regular basis some years ago and found it interesting and challenging. If we remember correctly the first hole was a par 5 over 600 yds!

This is now the newest 18 hole golf course in Chiang Mai taking over the title from Mezzanine. We have yet to see or play the new course but certainly looking forward to it and will try it soon (But not at current prices) and report back with our review.