Artitaya (Gold Canyon) A great deal-as usual

Artitaya (Gold Canyon)

Artitaya formerly Gold Canyon). During the golf festival you might want to add this very nice course to your itinerary as they are offering equally good deals although not part of the Chiangmai Golf Festival.

Every day it is just 1000 THB for green fee, caddy fee and golf cart except Tuesday and Thursday  when it is just 900 THB inclusive.

Opened in 2009 and located around 1 to 1.5 hours from ChiangMai, Artitaya is set in a rural area not far from Lamphun. Gold Canyon is surrounded by orchards, woodlands, and canyons. The rural setting provides a relaxing and scenic location and the ChiangMai golf course is enjoyable for all.

Trees are often a hazard and some are situated almost directly in front of many of the tee boxes.  Some of the original trees have been removed improving the access to some of the holes, golfers may still have to avoid the fairway hazards by hitting over them or simply risk trying to pass the ball through tree branches.

Artitaya plays to over 7,300 yards from the back tees and while the course is  fairly flat you need to be prepared to do a lot of  walking as the distance from green to tee is often long and undulating. The 1st hole is wide open with a huge fairway and relatively easy.  The course then gets tougher as you progress and the back nine is much more challenging than the front.  There are a few tight driving holes but most fairways widen out  around 200 yards off the tees.  Three of the par 4 holes would almost be considered par 5’s on some courses.

Current Deals

Hariphunchai Golf Club,Gassan Legacy,North Hills

Hariphunchai Golf Club

Mu Ban Sap Maree Road

+66 53 096 222


New  golf course in Lamphun, very good reviews.

THB600 Green Fee Caddy Fee

THB1000 Cart,Green Fee,Caddy Fee

Gold Canyon

THB800 inc Caddy Fee

Gassan Legacy

(Previously Gassan Lake)

THB1500 Cart, Caddy Fee, Green Fee


.Sports Day, Monday & Thursday

Green Fee, Caddy Fee, Cart THB 1000

North Hills

Sports Day Tuesday & Thursday THB800 inc Caddy Fee

If you know of any others or info is incorrect please let us know,thanks.

Lower Season Prices

Lower Season Prices – Thai Residents


Green Fee: THB2000 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart:THB700

The home of The Chiang Mai Golf Classic


Gassan Legacy ( Formerly Lake City)Green Fee,Caddy Fee, Golf Cart  THB1500 (Sat/Sun THB2000)


Gassan Marina

Green Fee,Caddy Fee, Golf Cart: THB1200

Green Fee,Caddy Fee (Walking): THB700


Gold Canyon

GreenFee,Caddy Fee (Walking) THB800


Green Fee, Caddy Fee,Cart: THB1500

Green Valley 

Green Fee:THB1800  Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart:THB700


Green Fee:THB1900 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart: THB700


Green Fee:/ Caddy Fee:  THB1800! Cart THB700

Mae Jo

Green Fee:THB1700 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart: THB700

North Hill Chiangmai (Mezzanine)

Green Fee: THB1700 Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart: THB700

Royal Chiangmai

Green Fee:THB1920  Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart:THB700


Green Fee: THB800  Caddy Fee:THB300  Inc:THB1600


Low Season Prices

Low Season Prices

Leading the way as always:

Low Season Prices

Leading the way as always:

Gold Canyon with a THB900 inclusive of caddy fee for any player!

Thai Resident Only:

Morning THB1100 including caddy fee. After 12 THB800 inclusive.

Thai Resident
THB2000 + Caddy fee ( didn’t ask, won’t be going there!)

Thai Resident
THB2200 inclusive (Won’t be going there either)

We will be checking in with others later but obviously the top two deals are good with Gold Canyon being outstanding (Well done Kavin- you owe me one?) :Wink:

Proudly sponsored by the Angry Elderly Expat!

Best Deals

For Thai residents.


Walking including caddy fee THB 700 ANY day until end of October.

Package: Green fee,Caddy fee,Golf Cart THB1200

For anyone:

Gold Canyon:

Walking including caddy fee THB800

Package: Green Fee, Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB1000 until end October.

The others do not come close unless there are other special deals?



Chiangmai Golf Courses-High Season Prices.

High season upon us again.Below is a list of prices for Thai residents playing weekdays and walking.

Call each course for weekend,cart prices etc. All fees in Thai Baht,18 holes.



Course                               Green fee             Caddy fee

Alpine                                   1600                     300

Gold Canyon                        600                      250

Green Valley                        1800                    250

Highland                               1800                    300

Inthanon                               1300                    300

Koolpunt                               1000                     200

Lake City                                TBA

Lanna (Sports day)             500                      200 (Monday & Friday)

Stardome                              800                      250

Marina                                   1200                    300

Gymkhana                             300                     200

Sand Creek                           120                     100




Maejo                                    2500                    300

Royal Chiangmai                2400                     300


These two suck,make sure you  don’t support them in the low season, or anytime!

Low season prices – April.

Alpine – with effect from 3rd April until the end of the month the green fee for Thai residents will be just 1000฿ + caddy fee of 250฿.

– Green fee 1000฿ caddy fee 300฿

Green fee + caddy fee _ car 1700฿

Gassan Lake City green fee 800฿ + 250฿ caddy fee. (Not too many people will go here unless we see around 500฿ again)

Mae Jo (One to avoid) Green fee 1600 caddy fee 250

Inthanon– 2200฿ gets a shared cart for 2 persons and includes caddy fee x 2

Single walking- 800฿ +250฿ caddy fee.

Single player 1500฿ for cart caddy fee and green fee.

Gold Canyon – Green inclusive caddy fee 800฿

Royal Chiangmai (lost the plot?) 2400฿ green fee/cart/caddy fee.

Walking 2050฿!

Lanna -Sports day (Monday & Friday) prices have actually gone up from 500฿ inc to 700฿. Seeing the prices for some of the top courses I did not bother to ask what the rest of the week rate is!


In our opinion best value : Gold Canyon :Congratulations:

With Inthanon a fair second.

Want to play golf in the smog-Thailands burning!

This video shows how appalling conditions are at the moment in the north of Thailand thanks to uncontrolled burning and then goes on to show what the weather should be like.

This uncontrolled burning occurs just about every year from December often through to April with Feb/March being the worst months with very little done to combat it by the authorities.

High season prices for Thai residents from 1st Nov.

Most of these prices are for weekdays, check with each course to confirm.

Mae Jo

Green fee:2400฿ Caddy fee: 250฿

(No lower price for Thai residents!)

Green Valley: 1800฿ Caddy fee: 250฿

“Night golf” from 3pm 800baht inc


Green fee:1700฿ Caddy fee:250฿

Currently-after 1pm Green fee +cart 1700฿ +250฿ caddy fee.


Green fee: 1600฿ Caddy fee:250฿

Royal Chiangmai

Green fee: 1400฿ Caddy fee: 250฿


Green fee:1300฿ Caddy fee:220฿


Green fee : 600฿ Caddy fee:200฿

“Night golf” start at 1600hrs additional charge for electricity

Gold Canyon

Green Fee: 600฿ Caddy fee: 200฿

Gassan Lake City

Green fee: Currently 500฿ including caddy fee-great value!

Inthanon & Gold Canyon look to be stand out deals if the prices stay at that level

Avoid Mae Jo with no Thai Resident price.

Stardome is a 9 hole course so not very good value and their website prices are incorrect.