Changes in the rules of golf

 Changes in the rules of golf

The 2016 Rules of Golf changes have been revealed by the R&A and USGA, and include a number of alterations.

The 2016 Rules of Golf changes take effect on January 1st 2016, and come after a four-year review cycle and a collaborative effort between The R&A and the USGA. The new updates also come after CONGU announced plans to change the way handicaps are calculated, making it a busy few months for golf’s ruling bodies.

The most significant 2016 Rules of Golf changes include:

If your ball moves at address there is no longer an automatic penalty
Rule 18-2b (Ball Moving after Address) has been withdrawn. This means that if a ball at rest moves after you address it, you are no longer automatically deemed to have caused the ball to move. A one-stroke penalty under Rule 18-2 will still be applied only when the facts show that the player has caused the ball to move.

GM verdict: This is a great common sense move. If you’ve done nothing to cause your ball to move it seems unfair to be penalised.

No longer an automatic DQ for submitting an incorrect card
A new exception has been introduced to Rule 6-6d (Wrong Score for Hole) to provide that a player is not disqualified for returning a lower score for a hole than actually taken as a result of failing to include penalty strokes that the player did not know were incurred before returning their card. Instead, the player incurs the penalty under the Rule that was breached and must add an additional penalty of two strokes for the scorecard error. In all other cases in which a player returns a score for any hole lower than actually taken, the penalty will continue to be disqualification.

David Rickman of the R&A explains why they changed the Rules of Golf

GM verdict: This has been introduced after a few high profile incidents of players signing score without knowing they’d incurred a penalty. Possibly one for the Tour pros!

Modification of penalty for use of artificial devices or equipment
The penalty for a player’s first breach of Rule 14-3 (Artificial Devices, Unusual Equipment and Abnormal Use of Equipment) during the round has been reduced from disqualification to loss of hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play. The penalty for any subsequent breach of Rule 14-3 will continue to be disqualification.

Prohibition on anchoring
As announced in May 2013, the new Rule 14-1b (Anchoring the Club) prohibits anchoring the club either “directly” or by use of an “anchor point” in making a stroke. The penalty is loss of hole in match play or two strokes in stroke play.

Discussing the changes, David Rickman, executive director Rules and Equipment Standards at The R&A, told GM: “We continually look at ways we can improve and clarify the Rules of Golf. The R&A and the USGA collaborate closely and we consult with our respective national and international advisory members to produce a code of Rules that is relevant to all golfers around the world.”

Printed copies of the new Rules of Golf are now available from the USGA and The R&A. More detailed information on the 2016 Rules of Golf changes and the complete Rules of Golf can also be found at


North Hill – Driving Range

North Hill – Driving Range

North Hill, nice driving range with comfy chairs ,couches to relax between shots.

40 ball tray for 35 baht, 3 for 100 baht.











Early morning not the best time to go as the range faces directly in to the sun until around 11 am Will not be pleasant in the hot season, the other downside is they play loud music for some strange reason!




The North Hill course itself was almost deserted, probably because the green fee is 1500 baht for Thai residents, 4 times the price of the nearby Hangdong  golf course which is currently very busy but suffering from complete lack of control.

High Season Prices – Thai Residents

High Season Prices – Thai Residents


 THB3350 Green Fee,Caddy Fee,Golf Cart.

The ex home of The Chiang Mai Golf Classic

(Exceedingly poor value)

Gassan Legacy ( Formerly Lake City)

Green Fee THB1500,Caddy FeeTHB300,Golf Cart THB600

1st November to 31st March 2016 

Gold Canyon

GreenFee,Caddy Fee (Walking) THB

Green Fee, Caddy Fee,Cart: THB

Green Valley 

Green Fee:THB  Caddy Fee: THB Golf Cart:THB


Green Fee:THB1900, Caddy Fee:THB350,GolfCart:THB700

Very Poor Value


Daily THB1000 Green fee Golf Cart(Share) Caddy Fee

Walking: Creen Fee + Caddy Fee THB700

Until 15th November

Mae Jo

Green Fee:THB Caddy Fee: THB Golf Cart: THB

North Hill Chiangmai (Mezzanine)

Green Fee: THB Caddy Fee: THBGolf Cart: THB

Royal Chiangmai

Green Fee:THB  Caddy Fee: THB Golf Cart:THB


Green Fee: THB  Caddy Fee:THB  Inc:THB

Green Fees for November High Season -Thai Residents

These are prices mainly for Thai Residents weekdays, somewhat cheaper than the “Thailands lowest green fees” being quoted on a major Thailand forum that has just launched an associated golf site.

Just be aware those prices are not correct for Thai residents (Usually requires showing of Thai driving license or work permit to get the deals).


Green Fee: THB2000

Caddy fee: THB300  Golf Cart: THB700

Gold Canyon

Green  Fee: THB800 Inc caddy fee.

Package: Green Fee + Caddy Fee+ Golf Cart THB1200

Green Valley:

Green Fee: THB1800

Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart:THB600


Green Fee: THB1900

Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart THB700


GreenFee: THB1300

Caddy Fee: THB300     Golf Cart THB600

(More than doubled from low season!)

Gassan Khuntan:

Green Fee: THB1750

Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart THB600


Green Fee: THB1650

Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart THB700

Gassan Lake City

Closed for renovations until next year.

Gassan Marina:

Green Fee: THB1000

Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart THB600

Royal Chiangmai:

Green Fee: THB2400

Caddy Fee: THB300 Golf Cart THB800


9 Hole Golf Courses (Prices apply to all golfers)


Green Fee: THB400

Caddy Fee: THB200     (18 holes) No golf carts


Green Fee inc Caddy Fee THB340 (18 holes)

Golf Cart: THB400


Green Fee: THB850

Caddy Fee: THB250   Golf cart THB500 (18 holes)


Green Fee: THB1000 (Sports Day Mon & Fri THB800)

Caddy Fee: THB300

Sand Creek:

Green Fee inc Caddy fee THB240 (18 holes) No golf carts


THB1050 inc Caddy fee.(18 holes)

Golf Cart  THB400 (18 holes)

Still in number one spot by a mile for quality of course and value:

Gold Canyon

Nothing to do with golf whatosever – Chiang Mai Golf Courses

But  I think this is awesome, how about you?

China Pink Army




Golfers start with the non-dominant side of the body facing the target. At address the body and club are positioned parallel to the target line. The feet are commonly shoulder-width apart for middle irons and putters, narrower for short irons and wider for long irons and woods. The ball is positioned in the centre of the player’s stance for short irons and putters, more to the front for middle irons and even more for long irons and woods. The golfer chooses a golf club, grip, and stroke appropriate to the distance:

  • The “drive” or “full swing” is used on the teeing ground and fairway, typically with a wood or long iron, to produce the maximum distance capable with the club.
  • The “approach” or “3/4 swing” is used in medium- and long-distance situations where an exact distance is preferable to maximum possible distance, such as to place the ball on the green or “lay up” in front of a hazard.
  • The “chip” or “half-swing” is used for relatively short-distance shots near the green, with high-lofted irons and wedges. The goal of the chip is to land the ball safely on the green, allowing it to roll out towards the hole. It can also be used from other places to accurately position the ball into a more advantageous lie.
  • The “putt” is used in short-distance shots on or near the green, typically made with the eponymous “putter”, although similar strokes can be made with medium to high-numbered irons to carry a short distance in the air and then roll (a “bump and run”). The goal of the putt is to put the ball in the hole, although a long-distance putt may be called a “lag” and is made with the primary intention of simply closing distance to the hole or otherwise placing the ball advantageously.

Golf Shoes for sale. Chiang Mai Golf Courses

Chiang Mai Golf Courses

Looking for new shoes?


Supersports in KSG currently have some great deals on Golf Shoes.

Footjoy at THB1960

Callaway at THB1860

Callaway at THB1590

 Chiang Mai Golf Courses

Golf is a precision club and ball sport in which competing players (or golfers) use many types of clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course using the fewest number of strokes. Golf is defined, in the rules of golf, as “playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules.”

Many golfers wear golf shoes with metal or plastic spikes designed to increase traction, thus allowing for longer and more accurate shots. A golf bag is used to transport golf clubs and the player’s other or personal equipment. Golf bags have several pockets designed for carrying equipment and supplies such as tees, balls, and gloves. Golf bags can be carried, pulled on a trolley or harnessed to a motorized golf cart during play. Golf bags have both a hand strap and shoulder strap for carrying, and sometimes have retractable legs that allow the bag to stand upright when at rest.

Golf elsewhere?

We have a few associated sites that may be useful for those of you thinking of trying out courses in other countries. Live Live


高尔夫.org Live Live Live Live Live Live Live Live Live


Inthanon lost the plot? Chiang Mai Gof Courses

Normally the innovators in providing some good deals for locals and in general they have taken a huge step backwards.

Prior to the ChiangMai Golf Festival they had sports days on Wednesdays and Fridays at THB700 ,play all day (Caddy fees additional per 18 holes).

The Chiang Mai Golf Festival have the top courses at THB1000 + caddy fees.

What did Inthanon do?  Some genius in management decided to drop the sports days and in effect raise the price by THB300 for Fridays and Mondays-duh!



Golfers I know went there on Wednesday, charged THB1000 green fee, THB300 caddy fee, THB600 cart. One of them had a guest who was charged THB500 for the privelige of sitting in the cart. They were also told they should pay tips of not less than THB300!

In addition I was advised that the quality of the greens was awful.

This group will obviously not be going back in a hurry and are telling all their fellow golfers who will be passing it on.

Not a good drive to Inthanon!
Not a good drive to Inthanon!


Innovation at Airport Plaza Driving Range – Chiang Mai Golf Courses

Innovation at Airport Plaza Driving Range 

With building work on part of the old driving range the management of Airport Plaza driving range have come up with a very novel idea to utilise the remaining space.


They have created a pitching,chipping short game oasis in the middle of ChiangMai.

Most of us go to the driving range and beat the hell out of our drivers and 3 woods etc,forgetting probably the most important part of golf,the short game.

This will be a place I will be using on a regular basis as my short game sucks and continually needs work. What about yours?

Plenty of real targets to aim at from 15 to 100 yards, go and give it a try.



Pitch to puttPitching RangePitching Range