High Season

High season – Nothing puts golfers off their game.

Despite Thailand being under military rule and martial law that is badly affecting general tourism golfers have simply shrugged it off and have descended on Chiang Mai in their hundreds.

For at about one more month every course will be full of golfers mainly from Asian countries,predominately Japan & Korea.

At Hangdong golf course on  Monday there were 23 players waiting to tee off- this was at 6.30am! The previous week I was told that one group of 5 Koreans waited 1 hour to tee off and then were on the course for another 6 hours – crazy!

A neighbour who is a tour guide and a golfer has been dealing  with golfers from Korea and Malaysia over the last month. Today she was picking up 5 Singaporeans who are planning to play 7 games over 4 days at Highland, Green Valley, Alpine & Inthanon.

Alpine and some of the other courses are getting as many as 300 players a day!

It looks like just a few more weeks, mid March probably,before it’s back to normal and local golfers can get back to seeking out good deals from the bigger courses.

Low Season Prices

Low Season Prices

Leading the way as always:

Low Season Prices

Leading the way as always:

Gold Canyon with a THB900 inclusive of caddy fee for any player!

Thai Resident Only:

Morning THB1100 including caddy fee. After 12 THB800 inclusive.

Thai Resident
THB2000 + Caddy fee ( didn’t ask, won’t be going there!)

Thai Resident
THB2200 inclusive (Won’t be going there either)

We will be checking in with others later but obviously the top two deals are good with Gold Canyon being outstanding (Well done Kavin- you owe me one?) :Wink:

Proudly sponsored by the Angry Elderly Expat!

Best Deals

For Thai residents.


Walking including caddy fee THB 700 ANY day until end of October.

Package: Green fee,Caddy fee,Golf Cart THB1200

For anyone:

Gold Canyon:

Walking including caddy fee THB800

Package: Green Fee, Caddy Fee,Golf Cart THB1000 until end October.

The others do not come close unless there are other special deals?



Chiangmai Golf Courses-High Season Prices.

High season upon us again.Below is a list of prices for Thai residents playing weekdays and walking.

Call each course for weekend,cart prices etc. All fees in Thai Baht,18 holes.



Course                               Green fee             Caddy fee

Alpine                                   1600                     300

Gold Canyon                        600                      250

Green Valley                        1800                    250

Highland                               1800                    300

Inthanon                               1300                    300

Koolpunt                               1000                     200

Lake City                                TBA

Lanna (Sports day)             500                      200 (Monday & Friday)

Stardome                              800                      250

Marina                                   1200                    300

Gymkhana                             300                     200

Sand Creek                           120                     100




Maejo                                    2500                    300

Royal Chiangmai                2400                     300


These two suck,make sure you  don’t support them in the low season, or anytime!

High season prices for Thai residents from 1st Nov.

Most of these prices are for weekdays, check with each course to confirm.

Mae Jo

Green fee:2400฿ Caddy fee: 250฿

(No lower price for Thai residents!)

Green Valley: 1800฿ Caddy fee: 250฿

“Night golf” from 3pm 800baht inc


Green fee:1700฿ Caddy fee:250฿

Currently-after 1pm Green fee +cart 1700฿ +250฿ caddy fee.


Green fee: 1600฿ Caddy fee:250฿

Royal Chiangmai

Green fee: 1400฿ Caddy fee: 250฿


Green fee:1300฿ Caddy fee:220฿


Green fee : 600฿ Caddy fee:200฿

“Night golf” start at 1600hrs additional charge for electricity

Gold Canyon

Green Fee: 600฿ Caddy fee: 200฿

Gassan Lake City

Green fee: Currently 500฿ including caddy fee-great value!

Inthanon & Gold Canyon look to be stand out deals if the prices stay at that level

Avoid Mae Jo with no Thai Resident price.

Stardome is a 9 hole course so not very good value and their website prices are incorrect.

Inthanon Special Rates -July 1 – October 31 , 2011

Green Season Promotion [ Thai&Thai Resident only]
@ Chiangmai Inthanon Golf and Natural Resort

July 1 – October 31 , 2011
Free Green Fee Promotion
วันศุกร์ มา 1ก๊วน(5 ท่าน)
จ่าย กรีนฟี แค่ 4 ท่าน
(Friday (5 persons).
Pay green Fee for 4 persons only.)

Promotion 1,500
กรีนฟี + แคดดี้ + รถกอล์ฟ
Green Fee + Caddy + Buggy.)

Early Bird Promotion
วันพุธ และ วันพฤหัสบดี
ทีออฟ ก่อน 9.00 น.
กรีนฟี + แคดดี้ 800 บาท
(Wednesday and Thursday.
Tee off before 9:00 am
Green Fee + Caddy Fee 800 Baht)

Sport Day Promotion
ทุกวันจันทร์ และ วันอังคาร
กรีนฟี 500 บาท
(Every Monday and Tuesday.
Green Fee 500 Baht Caddy fee 250)

For more information and booking please contact
66 53 267115 , 267116
Email : booking@chiangmaiinthanongolfresort.com